If your thermostat unit is no longer connecting to Skyport or controllable remotely, it may be running an older firmware revision.

To check current firmware on thermostat:

Menu > Information > My Thermostat

It will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the display

If the version is below 4.00, the unit will need to be updated. Please make note of the two letters before your version # as they require a different Desktop App.

To update the thermostat, you will need a SD card between 2gb and 16gb total capacity and the correct Desktop App for your firmware. Any larger and the thermostat unit may not be able to read it.

Please make note of the two letters before your version # to obtain the correct Desktop App below:







Use the appropriate Desktop App to upload the firmware onto the SD card.

Remove the Wi-Fi key on the side of the thermostat.

To remove the Wi-Fi key, push in and then a spring action should push the key out a small amount, so you can grab and remove the key.

If the Wi-Fi key does not release easily, it may have been attached in place with the plastic locking clip. If that is the case, remove the thermostat from the subbase and remove that plastic clip so the Wi-Fi key can be removed, then replace the thermostat onto the subbase.

Insert the SD card into the SD slot and perform the firmware upgrade via the following menu:

Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Upgrade Firmware

Once the firmware update is complete, the thermostat will restart and return to the main screen. Remove the SD card and re-insert the WiFI key. If you are using the plastic clip to secure the Wi-Fi key in place, need to remove the thermostat once more to re-install the clip.

If you are unable to update your thermostat, please send us an e-mail to