Support for SkyWeb

Frequently Asked Questions

There is nothing that can be done via Skyweb to address this issue. You will need physical access to the thermostat. There are many things that can cause the thermostat to go offline and troubleshooting can be a challenge. One thing to be aware of is that none of the Venstar connected thermostats require Skyweb access to function. The thermostat (if powered) will still be controlling the space to the last mode/setpoints and running a schedule normally if it was in that mode.

We find that Wi-Fi connectivity is far less reliable when the Wi-Fi signal strength drops below 60%. You may check the received signal strength at your thermostat via

  • ColorTouch:  menu > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi status
  • Explorer Mini:  press FAN until ‘wireless setup’, then MODE, then UP until ‘SIGNAL STRENGTH’
  • Explorer:  press ACCESSORY SETUP, then MODE, then UP until ‘SIGNAL STRENGTH’

If the indicated signal strength is below 60%, try moving the router closer to the thermostat or placing it in a more open area with fewer obstructions.

Things to try to get the thermostat online :

  • Cycle power to the thermostat and your Wi-Fi router
  • If the thermostat shows that it is connected to Wi-Fi but not to Skyweb
    • Ensure that the Wi-Fi router has internet access
    • If a ColorTouch model with Wi-Fi key, ensure that the thermostat firmware is at least 4.00 or above (menu > information > my thermostat, something like VH4.08 in lower left)
    • The thermostat may have been deleted from your Skyport account. Try requesting a new pairing code. If one is issued, pair with Skyweb. If you receive a -501 error (ColorTouch) or no pairing code is issued from other models, the thermostat is still paired to an account.
    • Skyweb outages are very rare but possible. If not resolved within a few hours, contact Venstar support to inquire about skyport status
  • If cycling the router and thermostat have not restored Wi-Fi connection, please perform the Wi-Fi setup procedure for your model

Skyport allows an unlimited number of locations, each of which can contain up to 200 thermostats

Skyport works on all desktop browsers except for Internet Explorer. Skyport is not intended to be viewed using mobile browsers. We have a mobile application available in iOS and Android that can be used for many end-user features.

Skyweb does not have provision for sending a notification when a thermostat has gone offline

No, you don’t. Use the ‘Add a New Thermostat’ link via browser or “Add a thermostat” via mobile app (the three bars in upper left of home screen) to add the pairing code of up to 200 thermostats in each location you might have.

Yes. When you add a new thermostat to an account, you are the owner of that thermostat. As owner, you may allow others to share access to the thermostats you specify. Have those additional users create their own Skyport accounts and give you the email address they used.

Log into your account via browser and locate Sharing Center in the Account section towards left of home page. Expand the appropriate location under Locations and Thermostats to find a list of thermostats that you own. Use Add User to grant View Only or View and Modify permissions to each person as desired. They will receive an email notifying them of your request and they must log into their Skyport account to accept it.

You can change the email address associated with your skyport account by logging on via browser, clicking on your name in the upper right corner, then Account Settings > Change Email. To authenticate this process, Skyweb will send an email to the currently registered email address for verification. If you no longer have access to that email account, you must factory default all thermostats, connect them to your Wi-Fi network and then pair to the desired skyport account with new pairing codes.

If you know your current password and simply want to change it, log on via browser, click your name in the upper right corner, then Account Settings > Change Password. If you have forgotten your password, will send a reset password link to the email address you specify. Note that if you get Failed to send email reset is because there is no valid Skyport account for the email address you specified.

Log onto your account via browser and confirm that the zip code shown under your account name toward top left of screen is correct. If not, click on the Location Settings and Geofencing link and correct your address. Note that Skyweb obtains all weather data from a third party service and is not responsible for its accuracy. If the supplied weather information is wrong, please try selecting a nearby zip code to see if the issue resolves.

The HEATING and COOLING pie chart runtimes shown on the home page of your location are the sum total of all thermostats in that location. You can mouse over the 14 bar graphs to see the total idle/heating/cooling runtime of all thermostats for an individual day. To see the runtimes of a single thermostat, click on the three vertical dots in upper right corner of the thermostat tile, then click Runtimes. Note that runtime values depicted are not updated in real time throughout the day. The reporting rate from thermostat to Skyweb varies by model and may have several hours of delay. But runtimes of prior 14 days will be accurate.

Cooling or heating values are accumulated for ANY stage of equipment demand. For example, 1 hour of first stage heating, 1 hour of first stage along with 30 minutes of second stage heating, 30 minutes of heat pump heating and 30 minutes of emergency heating will all accumulate 1.0 hr of heat runtime on Skyweb.

Skyweb does not maintain logs of various equipment stages. ANY heating or ANY cooling increment the heat or cool runtimes. No separate values per equipment stages are maintained. Users may accomplish these features by use of local API access in Venstar connected thermostats.

Skyweb does not have provision for exporting runtimes. Users may accomplish this feature by use of local API access in Venstar connected thermostats


Venstar thermostats are sold only to authorized distributors in North America. Our distributors sell our products to their dealers and contractors. Most of these dealers/contractors sell & professionally install Venstar products. A few of these dealers sell Venstar products online through their own website or through an online retailer such as Amazon. Venstar itself does not sell thermostats direct to the consumer or online.

As the manufacturer of Venstar branded thermostats we offer training and support primarily to our distributors and their dealer/contractors.

Your place of purchase should be your first avenue of support. That being said, Venstar technicians will make every effort to answer your thermostat support questions by email. From this page you may access basic troubleshooting and helpful tips.