What is Surveyor?

Surveyor® is an Internet-­‐based energy management system that allows small-­‐box retailers, restaurant chains and other multi-­‐location businesses to remotely monitor, manage and control their energy usage (HVAC and lighting/electrical and mechanical systems). Whether it’s for a chain with hundreds or thousands of locations, Surveyor allows a single authorized person to easily look at the equipment, change set points, run exception reports and energy usage reports for the entire chain, individual locations, or by groupings of locations. Surveyor is currently installed in more than 14,000 locations, primarily small-­‐box retailers throughout North America. Surveyor gives users unprecedented visibility into their locations.

What is "unprecedented visibility"?

Surveyor gives users unprecedented visibility into their locations by allowing them to remotely monitor, control and manage the HVAC, lighting/electrical and mechanical equipment in their stores. Surveyor gives users a live look into their stores, allowing them to actually look at the equipment, make changes, identify any issues, and make decisions on repairs or replacement of broken or malfunctioning equipment. Surveyor helps increase productivity by giving users the ability to remotely monitor, control and manage their HVAC, lighting/electrical and mechanical systems. With Surveyor, users have a visibility they would not have had otherwise, allowing them...

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